Why The pregnancy school concept is A Must for your facility

Written by Kwame Anane

The pregnancy school concept is the new way of making lively communication a success between pregnant women, the health institution, and has a way that is possible to attract private and government stakeholders to help provide the needed offers and services during the before and after birth periods. One of the more reason to why we should launch this initiative is to help achieve the sustainable development goals number three which is more in concern of ensuring well to live life and adds more to the well-being of all citizens at all ages.
Health officers are to run the pregnancy school whiles pregnant women are in for their normal antenatal clinic which some hospitals schedules it to thirty days interval. That also ensures the survival of the yet to be born baby and the pregnant mother at the time of delivery.

A pregnant woman is prone to all sorts of risks and for that reason all must do everything possible to ensure that mother and child survive during and after delivery. The women Pregnancy school initiative is here to educate women and families on how to take care of their selves whether at the time of delivery or after delivery. This lovely initiative is here to improve maternal and new-born outcomes in our facilities at large. The school is to relieve the anxieties many women experience during the period of 36 weeks (third trimester) till delivery and how the pregnant woman will handle and care for herself during this period and after delivery. The pregnancy school is required to be active every month with the thirty six (36) weeks of pregnancy.

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We hope this becomes successful in other to save the lives of our mothers and our new born babies. The future is brighter if our babies do not develop any problems during and after birth.

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