Taxi driver curses girlfriend to death for saying he’s no longer her class after taking care of her in school

Accra, Ghana – In a shocking turn of events, a young Ghanaian man has taken to social media to express his anguish and betrayal after his ex-girlfriend broke up with him, claiming he was no longer in her social class. The scorned man, identified as Kwame Asare, shared a video in which he used traditional methods involving schnapps and eggs to curse his former partner, Maame Yaa.

Taxi driver curses girlfriend to death for saying he’s no longer her class after taking care of her in school

Asare recounted the beginnings of their relationship, explaining that when he first met Maame Yaa, she was a struggling school dropout who sold eggs under the scorching sun to support herself, her child, and her parents. Determined to improve her situation, Asare took it upon himself to enroll her back in school and provide for her needs until she successfully graduated.

Things took a sour turn when Maame Yaa, now a graduate, suddenly found a new man and declared that Asare was no longer in her league. This revelation left Asare devastated, feeling betrayed and taken advantage of after sacrificing everything to ensure her comfort and well-being.

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In the video, an emotionally distraught Asare explained that he had even accepted Maame Yaa despite her having a child when they first met. He selflessly took care of her and her child, as well as her parents, who relied on the income from Maame Yaa’s egg-selling business.

Feeling powerless and seeking justice, Asare resorted to traditional methods deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture. He used the ritualistic combination of schnapps and eggs to curse his ex-girlfriend, invoking the spirits to intervene on his behalf. In his act of desperation, he included Maame Yaa’s entire family, as they were all beneficiaries of his support and sacrifices.

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The video quickly went viral on social media platforms, eliciting mixed reactions from netizens. While some sympathized with Asare’s heartbreak and understood his need for closure, others criticized his actions, highlighting the importance of addressing personal issues in a more constructive manner.

Traditional practices, such as the use of schnapps and eggs in cursing rituals, hold significant cultural value in Ghana. They are believed to call upon spiritual forces to bring about consequences for perceived wrongdoings. However, it is important to note that such practices are not universally endorsed, and individuals resort to them based on personal beliefs and cultural traditions.

Asare’s emotional outburst serves as a reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the pain that can be caused when trust is broken. It also highlights the delicate balance between personal growth and the preservation of past connections.

As the video continues to circulate online, it remains to be seen how the involved parties will respond to this highly publicized incident.

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