Retired Ghanaian US Army Sergeant First Class Receives Five-Bedroom House as Retirement Package

Virginia, USA – In a recent interview with One Ghana TV, Sergeant First Class Agyekum, a retired military man from the United States Army, shared his remarkable journey and the numerous benefits he received during his service. A highlight of his retirement package was a five-bedroom house, which the US Army built for him in Virginia.

Retired Ghanaian US Army Sergeant First Class Receives Five-Bedroom House as Retirement Package

Recalling his transition into the military, Agyekum revealed that he left his home country of Ghana in March 1995 after winning the lottery. Originally planning to pursue further education, he faced challenges in meeting all the requirements. Seeking employment, he stumbled upon a post at a recruiting station that called for potential soldiers. Following a conversation with a recruiter and successfully passing a test, Agyekum embarked on a life-changing journey as a soldier.

Over his 22 years of service, Agyekum was stationed in various countries, including Germany, Italy, Iraq, Qatar, and Rome. One of the advantages he highlighted was the Status of Forces Agreement, which allowed him to bring his wife, child, and nephew from Ghana to Germany. All travel expenses were covered by the US Army, and his children even attended a military school in Germany for free.

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Agyekum also emphasized the benefits of the GI Bill, which would have funded his education up to the master’s level, covering tuition, accommodation, and other educational needs. Instead, he selflessly passed this opportunity to his daughter, who is currently pursuing her master’s degree. Additionally, his child receives a monthly stipend of $1200 through Chapter 35 benefits.

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“I have retired but am not on a pension, so when the military needs me, they will recall me,” Agyekum explained, demonstrating his commitment to serving his country if called upon again. Despite the challenges he faced prior to joining the army, he firmly stated, “If I go to the US again as a young man, I would still go to the army.”

A testament to the benefits and opportunities offered by the US Army, Agyekum’s story highlights the advantages that come with serving in the military. His retirement package, including the house built specifically for him in Virginia, serves as a tangible symbol of appreciation for his dedicated service to the nation. As his inspiring journey continues, Agyekum stands as an example of the numerous opportunities available to those who choose to serve their country in the United States Army.

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